Organization 101: Tips for Efficient Office Storage

Working from home can be quite an adventure! Here are some tips for organizing your office so that you can be as efficient as possible.

A preliminary step

Often, it’s not a lack of willpower that makes it difficult to organize a home office. Rather, it’s a lack of “knowing where to start”! Once you take the time to sort through all the pieces of paper lying on your desk, it will be easier to see things clearly and organize the necessary storage. A quick version of this step is to put everything that is lying around into a large bin that you will empty once your storage solutions have been set up. Would a vertical filing cabinet be a good investment? Is a pencil holder sufficient or do you need space for stationery and supplies? By being aware of everything in your home office, it will be easier to determine what storage items you need. The watchword is decluttering.

A fun version of bulletin boards

To get a better view of your papers, hanging clipboards can replace a traditional cork bulletin board. These clipboards can hold notes, blank sheets of paper, bills to be paid and more, and provide instant access to these documents that are easy to misplace. To break up the monotony and make this solution decorative, simply add an inspirational quote or image to one of your bulletin boards.

Divide and conquer

Nothing beats dividers and small containers in drawers to ensure convenient storage. This simple and inexpensive solution divides drawers into separate zones for each item, regardless of size. This trick is also valid for closet shelves. By using an organizer, you will be able to store even the smallest office supplies. Containers with lids will prevent contents from spilling out onto the floor. Furthermore, many organizers are stackable. No more hunting around for paperclips, staples and push pins!

Everything at your fingertips

Baskets, plastic bins and document trays make it easy to keep important documents and other work tools within easy reach. Clear and tidy storage makes you work more efficiently. By categorizing your different boxes – one for documents to read, one for documents to be processed and one for documents to be filed, for example – it will be easier to find your way around, thus saving you time. A file box on wheels or a storage module with drawers can be slid under your desk and is perfect for organization. Shelves above the desk? Why not! Dictionaries and technical books will be more easily accessible.

A well-organized office with plenty of storage is sure to reduce stress, and will also appeal to potential buyers when the time comes to sell your home.

From: Centris