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Thinking of moving? Passionate, young and dynamic, the Excelsior Group team has developed strong skills in real estate with sellers and buyers over the last few years. Founded by Francis Gauvin and Steve Léveillé, the team continues to grow to better accompany you. Innovative, confident, creative and focused on your story, the members of our team know how to position human relations at the heart of your real estate experience.

Our clients have placed their trust in us and are satisfied, be the next!

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#5 - 7580 Boul. Perras $289,000
6975 Rue des Halbrans $324,900
Ch. McGill $89,000+gst/qst
2100 Rue Sylvain $240,000
565 Grande Côte E. $350,000
#812 - 9 Boul. des Prairies $874,900
1131 46e Avenue $275,000
1282 Rue du Bocage $369,000
139Z Ch. du Roi $818,900
191 Ch. St-Stanislas $1,400,000



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